Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Autumn Photos - Walla Walla

This should be the entire album -- 80 Photos, but not a slideshow as above.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Odd Fellows Flowers and Gardens

This is a Flowers and Gardens video of photos taken as they developed during the current growing season.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Rhyme and/or Reason or Not?

     About twenty three years ago while I was serving as an elementary principal, a number of activities and events prompted me to create and share some primitive poetry--some in reaction people around me and some as a result of general or specific thoughts about life. This and other poems may need some work, but I have chosen to leave them in their original state.

   Why Are They So Different?

We doubtless all at times in our life wonder
What makes those other people tick?
While some through life bravely thunder,
Others sit around like a stick.

We say human nature is “funny.”
When that’s not really what we mean.
“No, I don’t work just for the money,”
“Nor just for the purpose of being seen.”

It makes little sense
To say one thing and do yet another.
It’s not good to live a life of pretense
And spend our time fooling each other.

People we know sometimes act strange.
“Why don’t they just behave as we would?”
And when they are wrong, it takes so long to change.
We wonder if their heads are made of wood.

Can those people really be as dense as they seem?
To tolerate them is Oh, such a trial!
“If they were only like me, life would be a dream.”
If we believe that we are wrong by a mile.

The answer for me is to be what I can be
And share with my friends when they ask.
I will try hard to view life and people as they see.
Then understanding them won’t be an impossible task.

Those people, we say, why are they so weird?
Not so fast! The weird ones may not be they.
The trouble with people may be worse than I feared. 
It’s probably much more “I” than it is “they.”


Much has frequently been said as time goes swiftly by
About how things so often happen without our knowing why.

Even when the ground and plants are dry and here comes the rain,
One only needs to be present to hear us then complain.

That we are impossible to please is easy to be seen.
When something is any other color, it should, of course, be green.

When we were children we never "had enough,"
And now as 'adults' we say "Why is there so much of this stuff"?

There's a conspiracy, we think, just to cause us to live in pain.
Could human nature and lack of discipline be two reasons we complain?

The glass is often half empty - rarely half full.
Life is rarely exciting - rather often quite dull.

Is life really affected by the color of the lens?
Or is life bright and satisfying only for the one who pretends?

Is life really more nearly what we make it?
Or is our perception more often colored by how we take it?

How important is that which we do or do not receive?
Is it not much more significant how we live what we believe?

The answer, it seems, lies clearly and largely with me.
I can be crippled with criticism or can with thankfulness be free.

It's simple, yet not easy to follow such a plan.
We must practice positive habits whether a woman or a man.

That practice always makes perfect may reasonably be in doubt,
But surely proper practice is much more effective than a whine or a pout.

If our maturity is affected so greatly by things we've done by choice,
Why not learn all we can about effectively expressing our "voice?"

My challenge: Let's live all of life as though there will be no tomorrow!
With proper commitment to God and each other in joy or in sorrow.

Perhaps then others may be able to see in us before or as we die
The real eternal answer to the often-asked question "Why?".

                      PRINCIPALLY PRINCIPLE

One wonders why living today should seem like such a test.
If only satisfaction could come from doing one's best.

Alas, such simplicity our society does not allow.
Success comes from riches, suntan, status, and prestige RIGHT NOW.

So little is made of completing, well, each task.
Is not "something for nothing" way too much to ask?

"Oh my, no", says society. "Come get what you deserve!"
Shouldn't one rather be asking, "How can I serve?"

It goes without saying that there's a time to receive.
But to first learn to give is a MUST, I believe.

When breaking a rule, it seems our primary thought
Is to ask for forgiveness but only if we’re caught.

Adults wonder why children's behavior is so bad.
The answer is often found by watching the child's mom or dad.

"It's not my fault", says the youngster who gives the report.
What frequently adds to the ailment is "BLIND" parental support.

"What's the remedy?" one asks, “for this societal plight?”
To simply - though not easily - practice what's RIGHT.

In life, there must be a practice we consider principal.
That is that ALL I DO must be governed by principle.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall Colors

These photos were taken in Waitsburg and Walla Walla, 
placed in collage form using Pixlr app on my phone.